Apple watch series 3



Apple watch series 3

Apple’s new watch series is the best smartwatch with its outstanding performance and elegant design.the unique feature of the phone is it has an esim embedded with number same as your phone number.

The characteristics of the watch includes

Introduced in September 2017 by Apple.

It has heart rate app,you can play your favourite song from the playlist on your wrist.

Has a built in altimeter that helps you to provide elevated datas.

Speedy performance 70%greater than other smartwatches of this generation.

It can be your best recorder for day to day activities like tracking walk,sleep, runs,etc.

Your watch will say you how height you reached and how far you moved.

It will give you a much better Siri experience.

It is water resistant so that you can use it to track swimming also.

It will motivate you to reach your goal as your friend.

It has a good battery life.

LTE antennae is integrated at the backside of the watch behind screen so that it won’t be like buldging outward giving an ugly look.

It has splash colour that has a red spot indicating that you have it.

The electronic sim is smaller than nano sim.

These have some black marks like

LTE has influence on battery life.

Need to wait for longer time to play music

No LTE roaming.

The device is so cool and very useful for you.