Healthy food for toddlers

The moms are in great confusion with the diet of toddlers.they want their baby to  give the best nutritious food .

What you have to include in toddler’s diet

Carbohydrate rich food

Carbohydrates are very essential for the growth of children.

Potatoes, rice,sweet potato etc are good source of carbohydrates.


Egg is a super food that contain almost all the nutrients whether it may be in small proportion that is required for the growth and development of the body.

One egg a day is good for toddlers.

Milk and dairy


Milk and its products like cheese, yogurt, etc are very good for toddlers.

They are rich source of calcium, proteins,calories and vitamins. it contain vitamin A that is good for healthy eyes.


Nuts and seeds

Your babies will like nuts like almond,pistachios give them without any hesitation. These provide essential  fatty acid mostly poly unsaturated fatty acids, proteins,calories and other nutrients. Seeds l

Of pumpkin,flax etc are very good for the health of your baby.

Legumes and pulses

Include Legumes and pulses in the diet as it is also nutritious. Eg:soya bean is a best legume.

Fats and oils

For the toddlers fats and oils should be included in their diet not like us.we should stay away from this.these are very important for the development of the brain. These oils and fats provide omega fatty acid especially DHA  that has an important role in brain health.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits are liked by most of the babies due to its sweet taste.they will be a little backward in eating vegetable..but you should add it to their fruits vegetables are also very important for growth development &maintainence  of the baby’s body.

Give them fruits like Apple, berries whatever seasonal fruit available you can give.

Healthy diet will keep your baby away from ill  health .your baby will be smarter &healthier that every mom wants their babies to be.